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Moon Step is a Move-To-Earn Application


Sitting gets you nowhere then you want your body to be shaped, healthy, dynamic & full of energy, and every day to be happier?

Moon Step focuses on your movement motivating you to start moving and burning calories.



Move to earn

Users need their own NFTs equipped in the form of sneakers or have to lock a specific number of $SMT tokens as required to start the journey with Moon Step. By walking, jogging, and running outdoors, players can earn in-game tokens that can be utilized in-app or even cashed out anytime for profits.


The weekly Leaderboard is public to all players in the system, then the top players with the most outstanding scores will be selected and featured on the monthly leaderboard. To register, players have to pay a fee to the pool, the system will then calculate and arrange the competition schedule for pairs.

Rent NFT

Rent NFT

By offering a smart rental system, getting started is as easy as downloading the app and renting a Sneaker ensuring that there is no barrier for players to explore the game.



The marketplace is where players can rent/ lease and trade their NFTs Sneakers, Badges and NFTs Gems. For easy navigation, a simple filter and sort function are available in the marketplace.

Moon Step App

Customer Journey

MS Dowload
  1. Download Moon Step App
Connect Wallet

2. Connect Wallet

Lock tokens as required or select Free to earn package

3. Lock tokens as required or select "Free to earn" package


4. Start to move around, run and walk

Get $MST tokens

5. Get $SMT tokens





✅ Market Research

May, 2022

✅ Website Release
✅ Smart Contract Deployment
✅ Audit
✅ Moon Step App Release
✅ Launch on Google Play

June, 2022

✅ Referral program
✅ List on CoinMarketCap
• List on CoinGecKo
• Satoshi Moon Step Presale
• Large Marketing Push
• DEX Listing

July, 2022

• Launch on App Store
• NFTs Sneakers Sale
• Marketing Agency Partnership
• Health features
• Community events
• Moon Step Marketplace

August, 2022

• Running Missions
• Mint NFTs
• Renting NFTs
• Competition Mode
• Partnership with Shoe Brands


• Social Marketing Campaign
• Partnerships with Sport Brands
• Ranked Mode
• Multi-language
• Update one mission every week
• CEX Listing


• Partnerships with Sport Brands
• Listing on Top tier CEXs
• Moon Step Metaverse
• Actual tournament
• Moon Step Lab
• Moon Step Capital
• Chat feature
• Will be updated and revealed! 🚀

Say Hello to Our Team

Will Andrew

Will Andrew

Founder & CEO
5 years in Blockchain Strategy Consulting provides advice and solutions on business and technical aspects of launching Defi and GameFi Products helping them build and grow their product and business, often from the ground up.
Marcus James

Marcus James

Expertise in blockchain data and technical background with years of experience in software development, game development, and building and developing products in the Metaverse and GameFi industry.
Alexander Steven


Entrepreneur with a strong background in information technology and in-depth knowledge of big data analysis working on supporting multiple projects in hacking growth marketing campaigns.
Yang Liu

Yang Liu

PR Manager
4 years of experience in public relations and marketing, crypto angel investor with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, decentralized systems, Defi and NFTs.
Larry Lawrence

Larry Lawrence

Product Lead Design
5+ years of experience in Responsive Web Design, User-centered Design, Prototyping, and Design Systems combined with strong knowledge of UX design, UI design, User flows, Storyboards, and Sitemaps. Designed 500+ User Interface screens (web and mobile) and conducted 190+ usability test sessions for web and mobile apps.

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The Jive Aces

The Jive Aces

The UK's No.1 jive & swing band The Jive Aces explode onto the stage in their trademark yellow suits!